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The New Year Begins

The holidays are over for another year and life goes back to some sense of normality. So my job searching is starting back up and I am working on a new article to be published later this month. Hopefully everyone one will enjoy it as well as the others I’ve done.

I also wanted to thank everyone that follows/visits my blog. For something that just started out as a way to show prospective employers that I could write well, this has turned into something much larger. I have no idea where this journey will go, but it definitely has been an amazing ride so far. The best part is the discussions I have had with people who have read my articles and visited my blog. There are some really amazing people out there and it has been a joy to talk with them.

I hope everyone has an amazing start to the year. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Posted by: ThePMOView | November 22, 2014

The best laid plans and all of that

Sometimes no matter how well you lay things out, deadlines and plans just have to change. I have a writing schedule that I have established and due to, well basically life, that schedule had to change. At least the impact of this only impacts me, but the knowledge that things had to slip still bothers me. Been a PM too long I guess lol.

So what has life done now? First, my daughter was able to visit from New Zealand for a week. This was pretty awesome as we have not been together for over two years. So needless to say, everything got put on hold during her time here. And yes we did have a wonderful time.

The other thing was that my current contract with Adobe did not get renewed due to a restructuring at Adobe. Totally unexpected. Since I had taken time off to be with my daughter, this compressed, not just my normal workload, but now I had to add transition duties on top of that as well. Needless to say this has been a huge time sink.

Between these two events, along with just the normal effort of life, has really put a dent into my available time for writing. Which is why there is no new news about this. Of course after the end of November when my contract ends, I will have lots of time to write along with other things, like job hunting.

But to end on a high note, the last article, ‘How to be a Great Sponsor’ did much better than I originally thought. It got picked up by 37 different web sites and publications. Three of these were in physical magazines. Not too bad.

Plus when you do a Google search on my name, this very blog shows up on the first page of results. All and all very nice results for my efforts. Now I just need to find a new job and all will be good. So if anyone wants a highend PM, you know who to call right :)

I have now been writing these independent articles for a year. I am still amazed at how well they have been received. Over at the Compensation Cafe website I was quoted from this article and complemented on how helpful my articles have been. The author went on and suggests that everyone read them. So very nice indeed.

The downside is that tracking all these articles and all the sites/print media they end up in are getting much harder to track. As an example the article “How Efficient Communications are Damaging Projects” I wrote back in June 2014, was just published in both Bellwether Magazine’s Fall edition and was featured in Uptime Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2014 issue. Uptime gave the article a nice two-page column on pages 58-59 of the current PDF issue located here (warning this takes a bit as it is a large PDF file). The Sponsor article just written will also see its life extended in the print media, but not until late December this year.

The point of all of this is that I am no longer going to track everywhere my articles appear like I have done in the past. Because writing these have been really fun for me (who knew lol) while tracking down where they go, not so much. I will continue to post specific links like the one for the Compensation Café above, but not the long list of locations like in my earlier posts. Besides if anyone really wants to find my stuff, Google will be your friend :)

Posted by: ThePMOView | September 22, 2014

Summer is over

I, obviously, took the summer off. Plus I am done with business travel for a while. But I am back now and will start up writing articles again.

My plan is still one a month with a new one going out near the end of September. This has definitely been an interesting journey as I have said before. And all of this because I wanted to highlight my communication skills when I went on interviews. It has definitely done that lol.

Posted by: ThePMOView | July 1, 2014

Dice did something really nice

If you look at my posts from July through September of 2013, you will see that I wrote several articles for I still have an author’s page there. However, in October 2013, Dice decided to go in a different direction with their articles which is why I struck out on my own and started self publishing.

I was very pleased and surprised that a recent article from Dice discussing Apple’s iOS Map rollout that my article “Yes, Project Management Skills Trump Tech Skills” was actually linked to in the iOS article. So it is really nice to see that almost a year later my article on that topic still has relevance. Writing these kinds of articles is a long term goal for me. So it is wonderful to see my goal actually being fulfilled. I am also hopeful that these articles have been helpful to the larger community.

But without people willing to publish my articles, both online and in print media, and the people to read them and visit my blog, none of this would be possible (and also very frustrating lol). So a very big thank you to the Editors and the readers for your support. I am humbled by everyone’s encouragement and support for my writing.

Thank you so much.
Russell Harley

This was the best received article to date. Not only did it get picked up by Forbes,(with 8,733 views) but dozens of other sites too. Of course some of these are linked directly to the article on Forbes, but it is still an amazing pickup. At least for me anyway lol. Of course the next article (which just got sent out) is not likely to do anywhere this good. But it is nice to see that if I write on the correct topic, it can get great exposure.

Below is the full list.

Shared Services & Outsources Network – News Web Site
Unique visitors to its site per month: 2,662. Article:

Young Upstarts – News Web Site
News web site covers small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurism; discusses the latest news, book reviews, highlights young professionals in the field, as well as offers product information, ideas and services. Unique visitors per month: 227,416. Article:

Small Business Trends – News Web Site
Discusses news and trends affecting the small business market; Offers advice to business owners and highlights notable awards, events and information concerning entrepreneurs. Unique visitors to its site per month: 211,462. Article, sourced from Forbes: – Online Version of Forbes Magazine
Online version of Forbes magazine, headquartered out of New York, NY. Designed for C-level executives, top management, high-end investors and those aspiring to positions of corporate leadership as a source of insight into the people, companies and technologies driving business and creating wealth today and in the future. Unique visitors to site per month: 9,956,125. Article:

Business Balla – News Web Site
Highlights trending news from the web and features commentary on the hottest stories of the day. Unique visitors per month: 1,000,000. Article, sourced from Forbes:

RelevANTS – News Web Site
Article, sourced from Forbes:

Crowd Chronicles – World Market Media News Web Site
Provides original articles, updates and insights on the Crowdfunding sector and the JOBS Act (the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act). Article, sourced from Forbes:

InLoox – Blog Site
Covers vital aspects of project management. Article, sourced from Forbes:

Staffing Talk – Blog Site
Blog covers news, business, events and advice geared towards individuals in the hiring and staffing industry. Unique visitors per month: 1,725. Article: – News Web Site

BrightWork – News Web Site
Blog hosted through news web site, providing news inspiring collaborative work and project management. Article:

PM Tech – Facebook
Facebook post:

Buzztrick – News Web Site
Highlights trending news from the web and features commentary on the hottest stories of the day. Article, sourced from Forbes:

Anthony Canova – News Web Site

AITS – News Web Site

Shared Services & Outsources Network – News Web Site
Unique visitors to its site per month: 2,662. Article:

Bryant Conference Center – Facebook
Facebook post:

Bama At Work – Facebook
Facebook post:

PERQ — Facebook
Facebook post:

The Fast Track – Blog Site
Blog covers QuickBase software and business topics; Offers information and ideas for improving team productivity and automating business processes. Unique visitors per month: 8,508. Article:

Project World & World Congress for Business Analysts – News Web Site
Article: – News Web Site
News web site covers global twitter mentions and tweets; allows users to search certain key-word mentions for generating concise lists of company and individual tweets containing the same key-word mentions on their personal Twitter handles. List of tweets, searching key-words “How to Hire a Great Project Manager”:


Finance Courier:

Daily Me:

I4U News:



Airing News:



Hot Headlines:


PM Connection:


PMO Magazine:

Alternative Fuse:

Posted by: ThePMOView | May 26, 2014

Consulting again

I am working for a great company, The Versatile Company,, and I am setting up a Program for a major international client of theirs. While my article writing did not specifically help me get this role, it definitely had an impact. What is nice is that I plan on still continuing writing my articles and will post the results here as things progress.

Posted by: ThePMOView | May 7, 2014

Future plans

As my articles have gotten more exposure, I thought I would expand into other areas, like speaking engagements, pod casts, etc. So if anyone is interested in doing these with me, you can initially contact me at If you want additional information about me there is always my LinkedIn profile,, and InMails are always welcome.

I will obviously continue to write articles on a monthly basis and have no plans to stop that effort. Unless people start getting tired of Project Management topics :)

The March article did pretty well. Much better than last month’s. Even though it may not appear to have done better,  not listed here are some future publications for the article that sites and magazines are planning to do in the next 3-4 months.

One thing about this effort (and also not listed) are the sites that want me to write specific articles for their audience. As these general article continue to go out, requests for specific articles has gone up. Which of course I plan on doing as many as I can.

In addition to the article links, I also thought it might be nice to provide some additional details on the sites that published my article.


“Shared Services & Outsources NetworkNews Site


Unique visitors to its site per month: 2,662. Article, titled “Can Project Management Take Short Cuts to Save Time?”:

 “Young Upstarts” News Site


News web site covers small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs; discusses the latest news, book reviews, highlights young professionals in the field, as well as offers product information, ideas and services. Unique visitors per month: 227,416. Article, titled “Can Project Management Support High Growth Companies?”:

“Clarizen” LinkedIn Post


News web site provides articles written by experienced practitioners from the shared services and outsourcing industry, including case studies based on real-life situations; serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking for answers to some of the day to day services delivery challenges. Article, picked-up from post:


Posted by: ThePMOView | March 24, 2014

Some lesson’s learned

After January’s article, I thought I had a good understanding of how publishing was working. Unfortunately that was not the case. As it turns out, not everything you do in this area is always a success.

I always wanted to do an article discussing using Matrix teams on projects and using the movie, The Matrix, as a basis for this discussion. For obvious reasons. So I did that and had the article sent out. What a difference from January. Only a few sites picked it up. These are listed below.

Although a print magazine is looking at publishing this in their June/July issue as well. But still not along the lines of what I have done previously. No Inc magazine here.

While the article was creative and addressed the topic, it turns out it was too creative for the editors involved. This has been duly noted. Future efforts will still be creative, but not too creative.

So there is a boundary for publishing in the Project Management area. Too technical and dry is one and too creative is the other. So the article that is sent out for March will fall solidly between these two points and the results will be posted here. Hopefully my efforts will be back on track.

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