Posted by: ThePMOView | June 13, 2015

Interesting discoveries in writing articles

It is hard to believe that I have been writing Project Management articles for almost three years now. Even after all this time I am still constantly surprised at the reach my articles have. Here is an example of that.

My wife got the mail a few days ago and asked me what was this magazine that we just got. The protective mailing cover was pretty torn up and I did not recognize the name ‘Contact Center Pipeline‘. So I just assumed it was sent to the wrong address and was going to toss it into recycle. But before I did my wife asked “Could one of your articles be in the magazine?” I then vaguely remembered my publicist saying 4-5 months ago that a magazine was going to print one of my articles. I wondered could this have been one of the magazines?

Upon checking the contents, sure enough, there was one of my articles in the magazine that I had written some time ago, ‘How to be a Great Project Sponsor’ on pages 18-19. How about that? Good thing my wife was more in tune than I was lol.

That is what is so interesting about this whole process. Once an article goes out for publication, you never really know all the places it may end up. Or if people take your work and modify it in some way but still give you credit. Or even embed it into a larger piece. While Google can help determine where some of the places an article landed, it will not pick up physical prints of the article. Nor can you tell if a magazine that has a web site that used your article actually printed it as well as posting it their site. Unless they send it to you like Contact Center did.

When things like a magazine just seemingly shows up with your article inside it just makes you wonder where are all the other places it could be that you don’t know. But in the end it really does not matter as long as these articles are helping people with the Project Management field. The articles will have done what I have always intended them to, assist others to do better.

Thanks again for your readership and support. It is an amazing experience.

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