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Russell Harley is a veteran project manager and PMO director, passionate about helping organizations embrace world-class project management practices and “climb out of the quicksand” in terms of gaining control over complex, ever-changing project portfolios. The best practices he advocates stem from key learning’s acquired from his M.S Degree in Project Management, combined with over 20 years of hands-on PM experience in the high technology, telecommunications, and clean energy sectors.

If you would like to contact me directly, you can email me at russellharley@thepmoview.com

You can also reach me through LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin/in/russellharley


  1. Hi Russell I have read your article Five ways to be a more Efficient PM in a linkedIn PMI group;
    I would like to comment the two first Points.
    #1 Be a Leader
    Mostly the author is pointing the need to hold accountable the persons of the team for their actions; yes, that is one of PM duties but that on my view is the last characteristic of a leader.
    The first is to be able to enhance the enthusiasm and commitment of the team showing your(PM) understanding of the project, its requirements ( manpower, material resources) and that you have the knowledge of what is need to achieve its completion. In this way the team members will feel that there is someone to whom turn when seeking advice to solve doubts and problems and that that person(PM) backs their work.
    Generate confidence is of most importance.

    #2 Stop Multitasking

    Defenitely is a must.
    Yes delegate but don not abuse of it; there are things that is the PM work.
    Delegate but with clear indications of what must be done and what are you looking for. Otherwise the outcome of others work might be crashing with your ideas or irrelevant to the purpose for it was intended

    Rodrigo Aguinaga

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