Posted by: ThePMOView | April 9, 2014

“Can Project Management Support High-Growth Companies?” article news

The March article did pretty well. Much better than last month’s. Even though it may not appear to have done better,  not listed here are some future publications for the article that sites and magazines are planning to do in the next 3-4 months.

One thing about this effort (and also not listed) are the sites that want me to write specific articles for their audience. As these general article continue to go out, requests for specific articles has gone up. Which of course I plan on doing as many as I can.

In addition to the article links, I also thought it might be nice to provide some additional details on the sites that published my article.


“Shared Services & Outsources NetworkNews Site


Unique visitors to its site per month: 2,662. Article, titled “Can Project Management Take Short Cuts to Save Time?”:

 “Young Upstarts” News Site


News web site covers small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs; discusses the latest news, book reviews, highlights young professionals in the field, as well as offers product information, ideas and services. Unique visitors per month: 227,416. Article, titled “Can Project Management Support High Growth Companies?”:

“Clarizen” LinkedIn Post


News web site provides articles written by experienced practitioners from the shared services and outsourcing industry, including case studies based on real-life situations; serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking for answers to some of the day to day services delivery challenges. Article, picked-up from post:


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