Posted by: ThePMOView | October 18, 2014

New article is out, “How to be a Great Project Sponsor” and other news

I have now been writing these independent articles for a year. I am still amazed at how well they have been received. Over at the Compensation Cafe website I was quoted from this article and complemented on how helpful my articles have been. The author went on and suggests that everyone read them. So very nice indeed.

The downside is that tracking all these articles and all the sites/print media they end up in are getting much harder to track. As an example the article “How Efficient Communications are Damaging Projects” I wrote back in June 2014, was just published in both Bellwether Magazine’s Fall edition and was featured in Uptime Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2014 issue. Uptime gave the article a nice two-page column on pages 58-59 of the current PDF issue located here (warning this takes a bit as it is a large PDF file). The Sponsor article just written will also see its life extended in the print media, but not until late December this year.

The point of all of this is that I am no longer going to track everywhere my articles appear like I have done in the past. Because writing these have been really fun for me (who knew lol) while tracking down where they go, not so much. I will continue to post specific links like the one for the Compensation Café above, but not the long list of locations like in my earlier posts. Besides if anyone really wants to find my stuff, Google will be your friend 🙂

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