Posted by: ThePMOView | November 22, 2014

The best laid plans and all of that

Sometimes no matter how well you lay things out, deadlines and plans just have to change. I have a writing schedule that I have established and due to, well basically life, that schedule had to change. At least the impact of this only impacts me, but the knowledge that things had to slip still bothers me. Been a PM too long I guess lol.

So what has life done now? First, my daughter was able to visit from New Zealand for a week. This was pretty awesome as we have not been together for over two years. So needless to say, everything got put on hold during her time here. And yes we did have a wonderful time.

The other thing was that my current contract with Adobe did not get renewed due to a restructuring at Adobe. Totally unexpected. Since I had taken time off to be with my daughter, this compressed, not just my normal workload, but now I had to add transition duties on top of that as well. Needless to say this has been a huge time sink.

Between these two events, along with just the normal effort of life, has really put a dent into my available time for writing. Which is why there is no new news about this. Of course after the end of November when my contract ends, I will have lots of time to write along with other things, like job hunting.

But to end on a high note, the last article, ‘How to be a Great Sponsor’ did much better than I originally thought. It got picked up by 37 different web sites and publications. Three of these were in physical magazines. Not too bad.

Plus when you do a Google search on my name, this very blog shows up on the first page of results. All and all very nice results for my efforts. Now I just need to find a new job and all will be good. So if anyone wants a highend PM, you know who to call right 🙂

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