Posted by: ThePMOView | February 22, 2015

A change in schedule

I am still learning a lot about marketing and the branding of myself. As it turns out even though I seem to have an endless supply of topics about the Project Management field, there is a point where having too many can become an issue. Overexposure is what this is called.

Since I just finished a contract working with Adobe’s Marketing department and leading their PM efforts, my understanding of Marketing in general has taken huge leaps forward lol. Not that I am now an expert by any means. But I do have a better understanding of how all these pieces interact than I did before. Which has led me to change how I will be moving forward with my future efforts.

Several things have helped with this. First I have a body of work that has been well received (and it still amazes me how well received it has been). So when people look at my LinkedIn profile or do a Google search on my name, there is quite a bit of content that now shows up. Including this blog which is really cool. This means that my personal brand, if you will, has enough ‘weight’ behind it to matter.

The second is that now that this amount of work product exists, it seems it may be better to now maintain a slower pace so that the existing body of work does not get lost or minimized. Yet you still want newer work to keep feeding the ‘pipeline’ to keep things being ‘refreshed’. But at the same time you do not want a constant stream of ‘look what I just did’ notices. If they get too many of these then they just tune them out as so much ‘noise’. Which is definitely not something you want to have happen.

I already try and post on my blog twice a month which I think is a good pace. At least no one has complained yet, lol. And it seems to generate a steady stream of visitors which is pretty nice all by itself. So that posting pace will continue for the foreseeable future.

The larger article publications will slow down a bit. The last one has gone through its paces at the end of January/beginning of February. And is still being picked up but obviously at a much slower pace. So to give these articles more time to ‘run’ and to mitigate the reduction of ‘value’ in the articles already published, I will be going to a two month cycle of publishing for the rest of this year and see how that works out. So the next article is planned to be pushed out late March/early April timeframe.

Again thanks so much to all the people that have helped me on this amazing journey. Especially my lovely wife who stands in as my Editor in Chief (I feel like I am back in grade school when she is reviewing my articles lol). I definitely could not have done it without everyone’s help and support.

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