Posted by: ThePMOView | February 7, 2015

Time for a new post – finally

Obviously I am a little behind schedule. This has been due to both the timing of my latest article’s release and just general life stuff. Hopefully, with fingers crossed, the road going forward will be a lot smoother.

My new article, Leadership Crisis: Fact or Fiction is now released. It has been well received both through online sites and in the print media. Although the printed ones will not be out for a while. The first one will be later in February. Which is pretty quick for a printed magazine.

The best pickup was over at which has 3.6 million unique hits a month. This is the second article they have published from me so I appreciate the support from them. Here is the direct link to my article on their site if anyone is interesting in reading it

Thanks for everyone’s support, comments, and encouragement. You can always use the ‘About me’ section to contact me through LinkedIn or by direct email if anyone has any questions. Or you can leave comments here as well.

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